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Katherine Scarff
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It’s a conveyancer's world

It’s coming to that time of year and summer is quickly approaching, long days, sunshine and pleasant commutes to work making us all feel like we have a little bit more time on our hands. This change in season might also make us think of many important things in life, one of which being your career. How are you doing at work? Do you like what you do? Or is it just about bearable to get through a day? All of these questions go through the mind of a working man at some point in their life. This thought process might also make us think of considering our options and therefore deciding to make a move to somewhere else. Time really does fly and it’s very easy to stay where you are and be comfortable, why not explore your options you might just be surprised what you find.

Updating your CV is the first stage and once you have done that the job hunt begins. Now really is a great time to be seeking a new role, at BCL Legal we have a number of new roles available. In fact, more and more firms are recruiting. You only have to look at the latest land registry statistics to see how many transactions are being carried out. My point is, conveyancers are in demand as the demand to buy and sell properties only increases which is great for candidates but perhaps not so good for the firms who are competing with each other to find the best people therefore if you are seeking a new role the power is in your hand, not only could you be better financially but most importantly secure a role that you really enjoy. Many firms are offering excellent benefits and clear progression routes to secure good conveyancers, many of which are based across the Yorkshire region.

If you would like to discuss your options and see what is available in the residential property market then please get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 32324904.

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