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Katherine Scarff
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It’s all in the detail

Had lots of jobs? Have you ever made a move for a new job and soon realised it wasn’t for you? These are both scenarios that can happen and do, in the world of conveyancing. Sometimes we do make mistakes and perhaps soon realise that the grass isn’t as green as we hoped.

As a recruiter it is my job to find people the best jobs for them, a job that not only they will like but most importantly find a job that they will love, progress and have longevity in. For me to do this it all starts with building rapport on the first call I have and extracting every bit of information I am given to make sure that both me, you and my clients know where we stand. By the end of speaking to a candidate I might even know what their dog is called to what’s on the table for dinner.

This is why, despite moving around or even being in employment for a day, we recruiters need to know. That tedious conversation with a recruiter might seem unnecessary however, every bit of information is gold dust and really helps us build a bigger picture and ultimately the most important thing of course is preventing similar moves in the future.

You might think why do I even have to mention this if it was only a short period, however it really can jeopardises the chance of you getting that all so much desired dream job. If this comes to light at interview and a firm does not know you worked somewhere or the real reason why you left, it not only makes the recruiter look like they don’t know who they are representing but it raises unnecessary questions, which from something that you thought wasn’t important the client might think is the most important thing in the world.

The residential property market is booming and a good CV with instantly attracts good quality firms. Don’t leave anything out! Remember the phrase it’s all in the detail! This market is a really close knit community which is great, however can also be detrimental.

Please be patient and understand that we are all working towards the same goal! We want to help and we will and with the market going upwards and upwards it is a fantastic time to be looking for a new role. If you are interested to speak to BCL Legal about residential conveyancing positions then please contact Katherine Scarff on 07530737186.

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