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JLD's and TSG's - to join or not to join.

JLD's and TSG's - to join or not to join.

Part and parcel of a Solicitors job is to be seen, out and about, marketing, networking, promoting your firm and bringing in work. An increasing number of firms are keen to hear what involvement their junior recruits have had in the junior lawyers divisions across the regions, especially when they have held a position of responsibility within the group.

So there is no way better to start getting your face known on the legal circuit than at the very start of your career. Across the regions there are Junior Lawyer Divisions (JLD's) or Trainee Solicitors Groups (TSG's) for this exact purpose (and a little bit (well a lot...) of socialising thrown in).

Being a junior lawyer is about making your mark early on in your career, so joining a group like this allows you to socialise with your peers, but also start networking you way around the legal market. Networking is part and parcel of being a lawyer, and for the shyer types amongst us, a room full of chatty lawyers can be a little daunting. Truth is if it's your first event, most people are pretty nervous. But it's like the first day of law school, get talking to someone and before you know it you'll be working the room.

Being a member of a JLD or TSG is a great thing to have on your CV. It demonstrates to future employers that you understand and appreciate the value of networking and marketing. Being an elected member of the committee is even better. There are a number of roles up for grabs in each regional group, from President and Vice President, to sponsorship managers and event organisers. Becoming a committee member requires time and commitment, but in the long term it all adds that little bit extra to your CV.

As specialist legal recruiters across the UK each of our regional teams are heavily involved with the local Junior Lawyers Group and we regularly sponsor a number of events throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for us to meet the regions lawyers of the future, but it also allows you to get to know us, because one day you may need us! You may not be looking for a legal job right now, but we will always be on hand for career advice, interview advice, and local market knowledge. We look forward to seeing you there!

Rozie Rhodes, Consultant, Yorkshire & North East Private Practice 

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