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Keeping in touch with your legal recruiter

Keeping in touch with your legal recruiter

At BCL Legal we are fortunate to have a not only a fantastic list of clients but also an extensive list of candidates. As the fluctuations in the market effect the areas of law into which clients are looking to recruit, we will inevitably have greater contact with some candidates than others.

An example of this is in the residential property field. Recent changes on panel membership rules as well as continuing success of certain business models mean that BCL Legal are now able to offer candidates opportunities within a number of different residential property teams.

Many of the candidates on our database are people that we have lost contact with over the  long years of the recession. Now that we are able to help we are keen to get back in touch. We generally do this by email, hoping that candidates will respond and indicate whether or not they are looking for new opportunities. Where appropriate we may also try to call people.

It should be noted that BCL Legal never “head hunt”, every candidate on our database will have approached us seeking a new opportunity.

Therefore, unless you tell us otherwise we will still assume that you want to hear about new opportunities even if you have not responded to us recently. Many candidates only respond when they see a role that really interests them and therefore without evidence to the contrary we would assume a candidates non-contact is simply because the right position has not yet been highlighted.

Therefore I would encourage all candidates that receive communications from us to get in touch. If you are no longer interested in new positions we can deactivate your details so that you receive no more calls/ emails. If you are still looking then maybe we have the position you are looking for. At the very least we can update your details and find out what you are looking for now hopefully ensuring that you are contacted about interesting roles moving forward.

If you would like to get in touch with an experienced legal recruitment consultant call BCL Legal on 0845 241 0933

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