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There are many different reasons why people might consider a change from their current job. It might be the working hours or that you have reached a point where you are unable to progress within that particular organisation or it might be that you simply need a change. For me having spent the previous 9 years jet setting across the world and moving up the ranks in the aviation industry, I decided it was time for a change. Why the change, being cabin crew is like being on a permanent holiday? Well that is what my friends and family thought, while I was faced with the reality of consistently being jetlagged and not knowing what time zone I was in and never being home.

So the question I had to ask myself was what could I do or more importantly what do I want? By simply thinking about my dream role and what I needed to do to get it, my plan of action started to come together. Commonly people look for a new job as they want a higher salary, better career progression, promotion, more complex or varied work or perhaps because of a lack of job security. For me it was simply that I needed a better work/life balance which would base me at home.

After several discussions with my husband and having done recruitment within the airlines, I knew that I enjoyed it. I very quickly learnt that the recruitment I was used to with the airline was very different to what I would be doing for as a recruitment consultant. This did not matter, I had made my decision and recruitment was the career path I wanted. I think that the key factor I learnt in this process was to focus on the skills that I had gained so far and how they would be transferrable to a new role.

I knew that looking for my new job was going to be stressful and really time consuming so I decided to use a recruitment agency. By doing this I was able to gain professional and knowledgeable advice. I was provided with accurate market advice and advised on all suitable options that were available to me.

Having analysed my situation and gained a complete understanding of what I ideally wanted and what was making unhappy, I was able to commit to looking for a new job. Knowing all the information and being able to be clear on what I wanted ensured that the agent helping could provide me with the best tools and options to succeed in finding my new role.

After several interviews with different recruitment agencies I was given the opportunity to interview with BCL Legal. I knew straight away from the interview that I could be very happy at BCL. It ticked every box in my job search. I knew I would have strong, supportive and experienced team in Birmingham who would give me guidance and advice whenever needed.

When I was offered the opportunity to join BCL I was over the moon. I now handle the recruitment of residential conveyancer’s in the Bristol, Cheltenham, M4 corridor, the Home Counties and the South Coast.

So I can certainly say 3 months later that I have made the best decision. So the question to ask yourself is, am I considering a change in direction, am I happy with where I am and what I do?

If you have decided now is the time to make a change and you considering the next career move in residential Conveyancing, please contact Kate Haynes at BCL Legal.

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