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Lack of communication leads to frustration... at home and at work!

Having been in legal recruitment for more years than I care to remember, I speak to lawyers pretty much all day every day who are frustrated in their current roles but who have never spoken openly about the issues to their manager or team leader. The majority choosing to save that pleasure for their partner at home! An honest and open conversation with your manager, however difficult/awkward it might be, will hopefully resolve the issues or at least allow you to move past them.

It’s best to have these conversations prior to starting your job search particularly if everything else about your job is working for you. I’ve had many a candidate (and their partner) thank me for saving them from divorce (!!) over something pretty straight forward and easily resolvable such as having greater flexibility and a better work/life balance with the husband and kids just by recommending they talk to their boss. If, after the conversation has been had, the issues remain, you’ll at least feel you've tried your best but it will enable you to reach the conclusion that enough is enough and it's time to move on. That's where the consultants at BCL Legal can help with their considerable market knowledge and consultative approach.

As experienced recruiters, we are on hand to listen, advise and lead you through your job search. We are both consultative and collaborative in our approach and work tirelessly on your behalf however the relationship between the candidate and the recruiter works best when there is clear and regular communication.

When it comes to arranging interviews, time frames can be tight and can make or break an application. Check you messages regularly and respond to any calls/texts straight away. Likewise, check your emails. It isn’t just the best CV that gets the job, it is the best candidate which means being on hand when we need you. Keep us in the loop if you are no longer able to attend an interview or have had a change of heart, don’t just not turn up for the interview or ignore our calls. We totally appreciate that things can change throughout the job search process. We are also mindful that this is your life, your career. If you’ve had second thoughts about attending an interview (it happens!) let us know - rest assured we won’t try and talk you into it. Better to be honest than go radio-silent or be a no-show! It’s a small world and you never know when you might cross paths with the interviewer you let down….better to make the call than blot your copy book forever.

If you are looking to make a move within the Midlands and would like a confidential discussion with a market expert, contact Joanne Lack at BCL Legal on 0121 237 5610 /07891 691 742 or email

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