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Lack of Conveyancers…..Are we at a crisis point?

As we all know the property market is booming and the demand for residential conveyancers has gone through the roof (no pun intended). As a recruiter that specialises in residential conveyancing

I have seem a massive demand for conveyancers of late but there seems to be a shortage of candidates. This may well be down to more and more clients requiring a qualified conveyancer and this could be due to more firms becoming CQS accredited. Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on why we are at crisis point.

As it states in the above article firms like Myhomemove seemed to have pre-empted the shortage of conveyancers and opened up a training academy to keep up with demand. I personally feel that this is the best way to keep up with demand; and with a shortage of candidates on the market place what choices do firms have if they want to keep their service levels up? Bringing in trainees and giving them the necessary training and development seems to a path that a number of larger firms are taking because it appears to be the only way to keep up with demand due to a lack of conveyancers.

As the property market continues to grow, firms are going to have to recruit and will soon have to become more flexible at what they will consider, whether this be considering a non qualified conveyancer, recruiting someone with previous experience but giving them time to get back up to speed or training someone from scratch. These are all options that will help keep up with demand and I would be very surprised if I didn’t see more firms setting up training academies to keep up with the market.

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