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Law firm jobs: should I update my LinkedIn profile before I attend an interview?

You’re interviewing for various law firm jobs; in the technologically advanced age we live in, there’s a need to be realistic and put weight on the clout your social media presence has on your reputation – as a professional and as a person.

Attention to detail

If your LinkedIn profile contains incorrect information relating to your qualifications and/or education and employment dates, this reflects negatively when it comes to your attention to detail as a lawyer.

Always remember that what you publish online is a representation of you so it should always remain accurate from a professional POV. Don’t miss out on employment opportunities due to a small mistake. Remember, you’re a lawyer, so small print’s important. It’ll speak volumes about you. The devil is in the detail. 

A recent report

To put my argument into perspective, a recent report revealed mind-boggling statistics on the traffic and visibility of the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has 260 million active users every month with over 61 million users a senior-level influencer and 40 million in a decision-making position. If you think your ideal law firm isn’t using LinkedIn, you’re probably wrong.

Professionals are signing up for an account at a rate of more than two members per second. As more and more people create profiles every day, lawyers have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with people in their target market.

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Make the most of it

LinkedIn offers information that isn’t readily available on a traditional CV application. The most important features while you’re undertaking your law firm jobs search are recommendations and references from colleagues, clients and employers. What better way to showcase that you're good at your job!

When used correctly, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for practising lawyers; helping to build and strengthen their business network. If mishandled, you can give a potential employer the wrong impression about how you conduct yourself, and your commercial nous when it comes to marketing yourself or the firm.

In short, you would always ensure your CV’s perfect - you wouldn’t mix dates up! You should treat your online presence as your digital resume and representation of you! Don’t do the hard work and fall at the first hurdle!

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