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From legal practice to recruitment - how did I end up here?

I can picture myself in 2010, bright eyed and bushy tailed (or if we're being realistic, a bit worse for wear after a fresher’s night out) at a university careers talk. If you'd approached me then and asked what I'd be doing in eight years, I would've unequivocally said practicing as a solicitor.

Fast forward to the present and here I am - writing a blog about my first month in recruitment. So, how did I end up here?

After graduating, I joined one of the UK’s top 10 law firms, where I stayed for just under four years.  I gained invaluable private practice experience, as well as learning more about myself and my motivations. However, as time passed, I'd reached a point where I felt my goals were being put to one side. I still felt an obligation to put my law degree to good use, but there was a nagging doubt that legal practice wasn’t really for me. So I took a chance. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

Admittedly, when I said that I was venturing into recruitment people probably thought the worst! There is (and I admit to having it myself not so long ago) a misconception of the recruitment industry. Picture The Wolf of Wall Street – need I say more?

No regrets

I was registered with BCL Legal as a candidate and I received an email about opportunities in recruitment. I decided to follow up and declare my potential interest in making a move. Over the course of a month, all my preconceived notions and assumptions were proven wrong. Whilst there was an obvious need for them to fill a position, I could sense they'd burdened themselves with an overarching responsibility to ensure that this was the right move for me. I can assure you, I haven't for one moment regretted my decision.

Why BCL Legal is different

The training I've received is at a level I've never experienced before, but most importantly, there's a culture of forgiveness. Having no prior recruitment experience, I was so scared of making mistakes that I'd routinely apologise for my actions. This is an environment where everyone understands that mistakes are part of the learning process, and as a result, you can learn without fear. Yes you're expected to work hard, but aren’t we all? In this case, you may as well do it in the right environment.

BCL Legal is currently recruiting so for anyone considering a career in recruitment, my advice is to put aside any preconceptions, and have an informal discussion with Rob Barklamb, our Director of Talent.

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