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Lawshare’s fourth annual conference: ‘Leadership’

The Manchester legal community is gearing up for the fourth annual Lawshare Conference, bringing together another interactive session chaired by Stuart Cartwright, Partner and Head of Lawshare.

I’m delighted to be asked back to join the panel and sit alongside Joy Kingsley (Senior Partner, JMW), Sara Hutton of Sara Hutton Consulting, and Simon McCrum (MD of McCrum Consulting), where we’ll discuss this year’s theme: leadership. The conference concludes with a Q&A with Christina Blacklaws, President of the Law Society of England and Wales.

Touching on management issues and experiences within law firms, we’ll offer opinion, practical guidance and tips to managing partners, practice managers and senior practitioners, including how to identify good leaders and what to do next.

I aim to answer pertinent questions on finding the right leaders for your business, how to nurture your best leadership talent, and how to master succession planning.

Some initial thoughts on the importance of hiring the right leaders

It goes without saying that a good legal practice doesn’t stop at good lawyers; a law firm needs good leaders too.

Attracting the right leaders is an integral part of growing a law firm because a lack of it can result in high staff turnover, which has a knock on effect in terms of client service and satisfaction. Not to mention the associated costs involved in losing staff.

A primary reason why the absence of effective leadership results in a high turnover is that its presence is essential for creating a positive workplace culture, and culture is everything when it comes to staff retention.

About Lawshare

Lawshare is a work referral scheme set up by Manchester law firm, JMW Solicitors and it enables members to refer work to either the private or commercial team when they're unable to deal with an enquiry from a client (due to conflict or if the matter falls outside their area of expertise).

The conference takes place today at the Lowry Hotel and BCL Legal is proudly sponsoring for another year.

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