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Legal Professionals with Language Skills

Over the past five years international litigants have flocked to the UK to resolve commercial disputes; the London litigation market is a truly global affair which has meant many firms have needed to recruit foreign qualified lawyers and paralegals to assist with every stage of the process from disclosure to trial preparation.

The Lawyer had reported that in 2014 20 cases are valued above £100m, with two claims worth more than £1bn; all of these cases have elements which require the skills of lawyers who can read and speak multiple languages.

Over the last few years the High Court has seen many major disputes between the Russian oligarchs, the most high profile case being Berezovsky v Abramovich. With continued Libor litigation rolling on and the huge numbers of international parties associated with those cases it is no surprise that lawyers working on these cases need help from those with language skills.

Over the past four years I have personally recruited for a number of law firms who have required temporary legal professionals who can speak multiple languages, spanning mainland Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

With the courts in London so busy and with an ever growing economy it looks like there will be some even bigger cases in 2015; no doubt these will require professionals from around the world.

If you are a law firm seeking to hire temporary legal professionals or a foreign qualified solicitor or paralegal seeking to work in London then please don’t hesitate to contact BCL Legal or call 0845 241 0933 for a confidential discussion.

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