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Working with a legal recruiter? Why it’s important to pick up the phone rather than email

“When’s the best time to call you back?”

This is a line I use day in and day out when speaking to lawyer or paralegal candidates. Although I understand how tricky it is to pick up the phone during work hours, especially when you’re sat in a shared office, a good legal recruiter will make themselves available at a time that suits you: after work, the weekend, or your lunch break. As they say, recruitment never sleeps!

I chose a career in recruitment as I’m passionate about helping others, and there’s no better feeling than securing someone their dream job! But can I do this over a string of emails? The answer is no. 


Speaking on the phone is a much better option than email in a majority of workplaces. It cuts to the chase/doesn’t beat around the bush; it ticks a box immediately. If you’re looking for a new legal job, and you want the support of a legal recruiter, it’s imperative you make yourself available for phone calls. That initial conversation allows us to build a relationship and helps take the burden off you when it comes to your search. Moving jobs can be stressful, but it’s hard on a recruiter if they don’t understand your wants and needs clearly.


In changing jobs, most lawyers have a set of criteria that has to be met. For example: flexible working, career progression, or relocating. But if we look at each of these factors individually, they vary from candidate to candidate. Take career progression for example – this could mean one or a many number of things, including management, qualifications, a varied workload, dealing with complex issues or scope for sector change. Is this clear in an email? Again, the answer is no.

Rather than going back and forth over a string of emails, we can address all your motivations and frustrations to match you to that perfect job, from one telephone conversation.

Ultimately, taking a call from your legal recruiter provides you with a range of benefits. Even if you aren’t seeking out a new opportunity at this time, take the call and build a positive relationship. That way, if you ever decide you want change, you've got a powerful resource at hand who'll fight your corner.

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