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Let's all say ‘Welcome’ to January!

The first week of January is always a bit slow in anyone’s book. People are coming back to work after the New Year and Christmas break. All yawning and dragging themselves back to reality and to start the job in hand.

The second week isn’t much better either; the realisation of being back at work sets in. There is no more Christmas excitement hanging around, people don’t have festive cheer anymore and the Christmas tree has been placed in the bin, or back in the loft.

The third week arrives and you realise you’re nearly there. You’ve not had any alcohol for a good 21 days now and the extra tyre that you’ve accrued around your waist is slowly started to shrink.

And by week number 4 – who remembers Christmas? It’s absolutely not acceptable to say “Happy New Year” anymore. And wait: payday is around the corner!

We are seeing a similar story in terms of recruitment. Now that everyone has woken up, we are starting to see an incline in the amount of new instructions we are receiving every week. We are also seeing an influx in candidates who are seeking a new role for 2016 and we are placing them in exciting new roles across the board.

At BCL Legal we have a working relationship with all of the regional heavyweights for East Anglia and the East Midlands. These firms have a national and sometimes international client base, and deal with plenty of high quality and stimulating work. The roles are there for the experienced solicitor who has been in the legal profession for many years and is wanting to take a little step out of the rat race, to the NQ who is seeking a junior opportunity to assist them in climbing the career ladder.

The positions are there; your choice is expansive! Think about where your experience lies? In what particular locations are you looking for opportunities? What type of firm are you wishing to join? It is very important to always have that dream role in mind, and if possible, we at BCL Legal will help you get there. But what we pride ourselves on is giving 100% objective advice 100% of the time, and so if you are seeking a new role which, quite frankly, doesn’t exist, we will tell you.

If you are looking for something new, or would like to have a chat about your current situation and what might be available to you, then please get in touch! I am seeing a lot of firms seeking qualified legal professionals for 2016 at all levels and across all disciplines to join their expanding teams, or as a replacement for someone who has left to venture on to pastures new.

My advice to you would be: Don’t miss out, get in touch! I can be contacted on 0121 230 1020 or


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