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Katherine Scarff
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Let’s fly away lets fly away

August is holiday season and a time for 1000’s of families to go on their annual holiday, airports are full and it seems like the whole world is away which is great for the tan but speaking to clients in any industry can prove a little challenging and especially in comparison with other months. Having recently been away myself and having time to reflect upon what I do and my performance at work it’s made me realise how lucky I am to be working within a company that not only consent to my holidays but having colleagues who are able and willing to pick things up in my absence. Since joining BCL over two years ago my holidays have always been approved and as the team works closely together it’s easy to have support whilst you are away. It’s not always easy after a week off to come back to 100’s of unread emails and often a bit of a mess.

When I’m speaking to my candidates it’s often a point that’s brought up work/life balance as people want a life and family time is really precious to them. Let me tell you booking holidays and securing time off isn’t the same in every company and perhaps not the same in every law firm so when you are thinking about which firm to join think which firm is right for you, have you read your contract and what you are entitled to.

At the moment within conveyancing I am representing some fantastic firms which offer excellent benefits including holiday allowance, flexible working and monetary benefits. If you would like some further details on these roles and to see how BCL could help you secure your next role in residential conveyancing then please get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904.

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