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So, my husband is about to reach a birthday milestone in a few days (sssh, he’s 40 although doesn’t look a day over………) anyway, he is totally happy about reaching such a fine age whereas my head has been put in a bit of a spin. I have been reassured by many that this feeling is totally normal but do wake at 3 in the morning wondering if the best years are behind me???

I have given this some thought as you would expect (actually a great deal of thought!) in the run up to all the birthday festivities and reassuringly have reached the conclusion that the best is yet to come. Honestly!!

I’m pretty happy with ‘my lot’. I have a great home life with said husband and 2 little girls (who are now kind to us and let us sleep through the night!) and have recently been promoted in my work life into a manager’s role at the Birmingham office of BCL Legal, managing a team of recruitment consultants specialising in residential property across the Midlands, East Anglia and South of England which I love.

Running through a mental checklist which I won’t bore you with, there are definitely more ticks than crosses as to what I/we have achieved with plenty more things yet to do to keep us out of mischief until our twilight years.

Work, and more importantly being happy at work is ultimately a major goal in anyone’s life. You spend most of your time there after all. We can be too busy and wrapped up in our jobs to actually take the time to think about whether we actually enjoy it, but watershed moments (such as 40th birthdays) can often prompt this contemplative thought. So with the best years still definitely ahead of you, can you afford to waste anymore time in a role that you dislike or feel unsatisfied by?

If the answer is a big fat ‘NO’, BCL Legal is on hand to assist you in finding that dream role. Life begins at any age, haven’t you heard?!

For more information please contact Joanne Lack or visit our website BCL Legal.

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