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LinkedIn profile tips

Unless you’ve been hiding in a dark cave or stranded on a desert island, you’ll be familiar with social media and the huge impact your online presence has on your professional and personal life.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to showcase your professional experience and achievements to a digital audience. In doing so, it’s essential to portray your professional persona in the best way possible – to highlight your attributes and what you’ve got to offer to a potential employer.

LinkedIn must-haves

  • A head and shoulders profile photo that shows your face clearly
  • A concise and punchy paraphrase of your ‘professional story’ (in the summary section)
  • A headline next to your name that includes your job title and discipline expertise e.g. ‘Associate Solicitor – Private Client & STEP’
  • If you’re job hunting, ensure you’ve ‘flipped the switch’ to let recruiters know you’re actively looking – this is crucial!

LinkedIn get-rids

  • Unprofessional profile photos – make sure you remove filtered, blurred and/or selfie images
  • Negative personal recommendations
  • Unprofessional blog posts or comments are a massive no! You want to be viewed as a mature professional – it isn’t Facebook!
  • Any subject matter that’s written in third person or doesn’t relate to you

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