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Location, location, location!

The location an individual works in is an extremely important matter to consider – and rightly so! Location dictates a number of factors that have to be considered in any job move. Widening the geographical area that someone might consider can allow individuals to access the type of opportunities they might not if they had stayed on their doorstep, particularly in sparse locations. However, the aim of this blog is to provoke thought so that such considerations are being weighed throughout any process, rather than at the end, when there is an offer in hand and a big decision to make under time pressures.

For individuals seeking a new role, the commute to work at any stage, has an effect into personal/family life. People can measure this either by miles to travel, travel time or the difficulty of the journey that needs to be negotiated to get into the office. For some living in difficult/sparse locations, this is a true case of risk/reward, with the offer of an exciting workload for those willing to work further afield. However, it is at this stage that the commute itself must be considered. Do you need to buy a car? How much would the commute cost you? Do you need to think about accommodation for the working week? All of these factors are important considerations for you to be thinking about from day one of a process and should be being discussed at each stage with the people who help you make decisions.

Clients also find location an extremely important issue when hiring individuals. Our clients are constantly considering the well being of their employees and the potential impact that a long commute or even relocation might have. Our aim here at BCL Legal is to help individuals make a positive move where they will be in a new position for a minimum of 3-5 years and on this basis, it is important the longer term impact that a new position would have on your personal life. Companies are also keen to ensure that you are in the best possible health to undertake your responsibilities. If your commute entails a 2 hour commute and sitting in traffic then it is unlikely you will be at your best!

Ultimately, location is one of many major issues to consider at the beginning of the process and needs thoroughly assessing throughout your process in seeking a new role. Please feel free to get in touch with anyone here at BCL Legal if this is a topic that you would like more information on as it is one of the many areas we can help you to consider.

For more information contact Liam Digan at BCL Legal.

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