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Locums; Holiday Cover

As the days become longer and the winter more of a distant memory more of us are booking, and looking forward to, our summer holidays. For those of us who work within large teams in sizeable businesses we need not do more than pass a colleague our hand-over notes and hope that they do a good job covering our work whilst we jet off to warmer climates.

For many owners of much smaller law firms, especially sole practitioners or lawyers in single lawyer departments, the thought of a two week summer holiday often remains just a thought. The fear of work not being carried out for precious clients outweighs the benefits that a holiday can bring.

But for many sole practitioners and lawyers in smaller firms the annual two week holiday is enjoyed. This is because these firms have taken the leap of faith in hiring a professional locum.

The Interim team at BCL Legal has a combined 20 years experience in placing legal professionals. We register lawyers who have held senior roles earlier in their careers and now work as professional locums; adept and used to taking over a caseload for a short period of time and then moving on to their next assignment. These locums seek to fill their diaries with as many locum bookings as they can throughout the “holiday season”.

If you are a solicitor in need of a holiday (or require short term cover) and didn’t know that there was a locum option available then get in touch with the Interim team at BCL Legal.

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