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London Calling

So it wasn’t all that recently but I am an import to London from up North and despite what anyone tells you, there is always a concern about fitting in. Would my Northern charms be as effective in London as they were in Manchester? Ok they were never effective in Manchester either so there is consistency. It is often a pre-conceived notion that the differences that exist between those in the City and from the harsh badlands of anything beyond Watford are such that they will be no means to settle in.

The same equally applies to law firms and those seeking to explore London as an option. It goes without saying that there are some exceptional law firms in the City and they produce some of the elite lawyers in the country and there are certainly situations that arise where recruiting partners are wary of looking at candidates who don’t have experience or training from within a recognised City law firm. Again this stems from the belief that the work that they do is only of kind that is done within London. Again, that can be true of certain disciplines but most certainly not of all.

In particular it is something I am seeing more of within the real estate market. Certain niche areas remain within the stronghold of London however the broader aspects of general real estate, property finance, investment and development work is undertaken across the country and the regional hubs of Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol produce and deliver outstanding work and lawyers. As the after effect of the credit crunch fade their still remains a shortage of real estate candidates able to bridge the gap of resources against the increased levels of work. More and more we are starting to see hearts and minds opening to regional candidates who are looking at London to further their career.

Not only is it an attractive proposition for candidates in the regions due to the quality of work but also the strength of London salaries which have also seen an increase as competition drives them upwards. Yes it is true (I had heard rumours before I moved down), house prices are quite high down here but there is definitely a lifestyle that is unmatched anywhere in the country. I will always love Manchester I can’t lie but London has definitely found a place in my heart – despite how much my lunch costs down here.

The real estate market is hugely busy and for those in the regions looking to challenge themselves and who have great experience, then opportunities abound and much as it is in the regions the opportunity to move to a firm that perhaps in the past might have been considered off limits are starting to emerge.

London experience is rarely detrimental to one’s cause and that experience will in turn resonate well back out in the regions should you ever want to move back. However, don’t be surprised by the allure of London – you may never wish to leave!

If you are a real estate lawyer whether in London or out into the regions and looking to discuss your next move or even get insight into a move into the City then do drop Paul Warburton a line or visit our website BCL Legal.

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