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How long should I stay in my job?

I’ve been with BCL Legal for little over a year and now and in that time I’ve learned a lot. The last year has given me the understanding that this is the job for me; this is where I want to build my career. These thoughts didn’t come in the first week or two though as it takes time to learn about the company, to get a feel of whether you enjoy the work, and to assess whether the company shares your values and is the right cultural fit for you.

All too often in this job I come across candidates and even sometimes clients who have started a new job and don’t give it the chance to materialise into the role they wanted or even indeed interviewed for.

As the new kid on the block you often feel like an outsider, you often feel nervous and sense of self-doubt like you don’t know what you’re doing. These feelings can translate into a desire to quit! I know it can be hard sometimes but these feelings need to be channelled and looked at through logical eyes. Have you given it enough time? Do you completely understand the scope of the role what the firm has planned for you longer term?

In my opinion leaving within a few weeks, or even a few months of a new job is simply not the answer. Personally I do not believe this is an appropriate length of time to get a firm understanding of what it is like to be an employee of the company in question. It takes time to build relationships and to be given the level of responsibility you desire or discussed at interview.

Having said that should you make the decision that your job isn’t right for you BCL Legal will always look to support you. We will help you to make the move that is right for you or we may even give you some advice to stay. This may seem contradictory to our job but here at BCL Legal we have a consultative approach so if staying put seems like the best thing to do we will advise you to take that approach.

Whatever the reasons may be we are here to help so if you’re interested in real estate, commercial and corporate positions across the East of England please get in touch to discuss the opportunities that we currently have available.

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