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Katherine Scarff
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How long does it take a conveyancer to secure a job?

In the midst of buying my first property I massively underestimated how long it takes to buy a house. I am not in a chain and neither is my seller but despite this and with the offer being made in November here I am still with no completion date set. Going through this process has really made me think more about the candidates that I help to secure  new opportunities, it’s made me think of not only what they do on a daily basis but also how long does it take them, to actually secure a conveyancing role. The honest answer is it depends on the person as so many factors come in to play like availability, open mindedness of firms and of course performance at interview. The thing is, if can make yourself available and are truly committed to the process, I think you will be shocked at how quickly things can turn around. I have had people interview and offer the same day, I’m not saying that always happens but be prepared, ask yourself before you enter the recruitment process are you ready for it? No one is telling you that you have to take a job as it’s a really important decision for anyone but, just think ahead and think how you would feel if you did get an offer within a few days, if only the process of buying a house could be so simple.

The conveyancing market is really buoyant so if you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities that are available to you and keen to secure a new opportunity, get in touch with Katherine Scarff at BCL Legal on 0113 323 4904.

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