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Should I look for a new job?

It’s a strange question really isn’t it? Especially when it’s a recruitment consultant asking you if you’re sure it’s the right time to make a move. But here at BCL Legal we firmly believe in being consultative with our candidates and sometimes the result of our conversation is that the timing just isn’t right. We work to find the win for both yourself and our clients – we couldn’t function without either, so when you speak with us we will do our very best to understand what your current situation is - and then we can identify the next steps.

Recently, I have worked with a couple of candidates who were eager to explore the market, but the reality was that the frustrations they had were things that could be fixed by their current employer if a frank discussion was had. Now, I am not naïve enough to think that these discussions always come out with the result that people are hoping for – asking for a pay rise needs to be justified, flexible working needs to fit with the needs of the firm and team etc, but it’s made me wonder if we really do have those conversations enough? Obviously, I am not suggesting that you all charge in to your manager’s office asking for a pay rise before you start your search, but when you first speak with us at BCL Legal it may be that before you start your search you want to sit down with your supervisor and see if there is the possibility of flexible working (or investment in better systems, more focused training etc.).

Ultimately, the outcome of these discussions may be that the role no longer fits with your needs. But by speaking with us at BCL Legal we will have identified the true motivators for your search – and it means that we can keep any potential clients apprised as to why you are looking, but also what you need from any future roles.

Fundamentally, as most of my blogs come round to this, it’s about speaking with us. We’re a friendly bunch here at BCL Legal; we work as a team and do our best to assist candidates as much as we can (including covering various locations, practice areas, types of firm, inhouse and private practice, FTCs and interim roles). So if you’re getting frustrated, get in touch. We’ll identify the motivation for your move together, come up with an action plan, and if you do decide to look at other options we can give you a real understanding of what the market has to offer for your discipline and level of experience.

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