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Should I start a new job?

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time with your current employer and you're unsure if it's the right time to start a new role. Whether you're looking or thinking about looking, or have an offer on the table, what should you consider before making any big decisions?

  • Sometimes, it's worth chatting with your current employer before attending interviews and exploring your options in the market. If you have problems with the team you work in, but love the work you do, it might be better to speak to someone about a change of management or team set -up. Put simply, don’t let one negative push you away from a role you otherwise love. It’s easy to assume that the grass is always greener when things aren't right, but once you've attempted to rectify any issues with your current employer, you're better placed to assess how good an offer is elsewhere
  • Go back and envisage the ‘ideal role' you were after when you started your job search; how well does the current offer fit in with this? You 'ideal role' will encompass desired salary, proximity to home, opportunities for progression and the perceived team/cultural fit
  • Red flags. In some situations, keenness to secure a role if out of work, or to leave a role that no longer makes you happy can result in overlooking important warning signs. It stops people from taking the time to think things through properly
  • Does the decision make sense from a career, personal and financial perspective? If you aren’t immediately thrilled, or your gut tells you you’re compromising on something, you’re probably right and need to keep looking
  • If there's an offer on the table, you need be drawn to it. There has to be something about the new role that offers you improvement from your current. Be it an increase in salary, exposure to a different set of clients, or working closer to home

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