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Meghan Markle

As we count down to the end of 2017, Google have released their most searched UK terms of the year, with Meghan Markle coming out on top. As well known as Meghan Markle is for her role in the hit legal drama Suits, other acting work, modelling and humanitarian efforts, I think we can safely put most of her search popularity down to the news of her engagement to Prince Harry.

In a year where barely a week has gone by without feminism being at the top of the head lines – pay gap, diversity, Wonder Woman, #metoo – what does it say about our society that a women doesn’t hit the top of the searches for her talent or her good works but rather because she has agreed to marry a man!!

Of course it’s ridiculous to try and apply a feminist agenda to the subject. Prince Harry was just infinitely more famous that his betrothed in the UK, so obviously when the news broke people searched to find out about her. Rather more Meghan’s search popularity reflects the continuing popularity of the royal family particularly amongst a younger demographic (i.e. those that are more likely to use google).

What was concerning was that the royal family felt the need to release a statement questioning the racial undertones of some of the reporting.

So with the big topics of 2017 dealt with (racism, feminism and royal engagements), how on earth do I bring this back to recruitment? Was the link to Suits not enough connection to the legal world?

How about this? Acting, humanitarian work and presumably modelling are presumably all very important to Meghan Markle. However, in order to accept a new position she has had to make compromises. She is giving up some elements of her work that she enjoys in order to undertake other duties in a role that (presumably) she wants as part of the royal family. This is true for many of the candidates that BCL Legal works with. As such we view counselling which trade offs are worthwhile as very much part of our job.

If you are facing such a decision feel free to get in touch to discuss in confidence. Who knows, your next legal move could push you up the google searches in 2018.

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