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Million pound properties

If you saw Channel 4's Million Pound Properties programme recently I'm sure it will have got you thinking, how do people actually afford these places? It made me reminisce about the first house I lived in having moved out of the comfort of a family home.

Not far from the area I grew up was a beautiful little village where myself and a group of close friends managed to set up camp at an amazing 5 bed Victorian property, with other bedrooms used for storage or "servants quarters" as we called them (we weren't squatters. Honest!). We rented the house from an old lady who had been living the missionary life in Cambodia for many years. Although it was a grand old property, it needed more than a touch of TLC. We used to love inviting friends round to chill out or party depending on the mood. We dreamed about turning the place into what could have easily been an amazing dream home with the right care.

Million pound properties are not as rare as you would think. London has some of the most expensive real estate in the world. It's not uncommon for you to spend a million quid to find yourself in a one bedroom basement flat, albeit in a prime location.

Closer to home in Cheshire we have some of the most sought after postcodes around, where properties stretch far beyond the million pound marker and up high into the property stratosphere in house price terms. I suppose when you sit back and think about it, with the nouveau riche young footballer of today plying his trade at the many premiership clubs dotted around the area, it should come as no surprise that Cheshire is a hot spot for properties at such cost.

There are a number of firms that specialise in dealing with high value properties in Manchester and Cheshire. They are always keen to recruit fee earners with experience in dealing with properties of this nature.

In a city like Manchester, now the power house of the North with its TV stars, successful business men, the aforementioned premiership footballer and their WAGs and the amazing Cheshire countryside on its doorstep, high value properties will continue to sell, sell and sell some more.

Have you dealt with the sale and purchase of high value properties for high net worth individuals? If so, there are quality, established firms crying out for property fee earners with such experience.

If you are interested in hearing more about residential property roles with firms of this nature, contact Nick Carroll to find out more or visit our website BCL Legal.

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