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Money talks: salary negotiations

Salary level can play a major part in the desire to source a new career opportunity, but there are a number of factors and potential minefields to consider when negotiating with your potential employer.

Here are my top tips to ensure you reach a happy conclusion when it comes to your salary.

Do your research

Issues arise when lawyers have unrealistic expectations in relation to salary level. While sometimes firms make a decision on how much they’re prepared to pay a candidate based on their performance in an interview, this will be inline with the market rate (dependant on level of experience and qualifications).

A great starting point is BCL Legal’s Salary Surveys, which provide useful insight into salary rates in relation to area and level.

Consider extra expenses

Making a move can sometimes mean other expenses such as childcare, travel and parking. When making a decision about the amount you can afford to accept, ensure additional costs have been taken into account.

All too often we find that candidates are offered the salary they originally said they wanted, but then a realisation hits re additional expenses – leading to further negotiations late in the process, which can potentially jeopardise the offer.

Don’t sell yourself short

You obviously want to obtain the best package possible (and we as recruiters are here to try and get that for you!) and a business might try and secure you at the lowest price possible – after all, they’re a business!

If you’re taking a following of work with you to your new firm, ensure you’re prepared and have information readily available to show how much this equates to. This can be used to strengthen your negotiations for that all important increase.

Play on your strengths and ask your recruitment consultant to work for you – again, if you feel as though you’re being lowballed, use the information contained in the salary survey.

Salary is an area that jobseekers are reluctant to discuss with potential employers directly. This is a great reason to have a recruitment expert working on your behalf – it’s often the best way forward. 

I deal with the recruitment of conveyancing professionals into conveyancing jobs at all levels in the East Midlands and East Anglia. If you’re looking to make a move, please contact me to discuss potential roles in the area, or if you’re looking for some general advice in relation to the above.

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