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Motivation + Recognition = Dedication??

Motivation and recognition are two key factors that help to make an employee a dedicated employee. Does motivation lead to dedication or does dedication lead to motivation? It’s the classic chicken or egg debate. Is the onus on the employee to be motivated or on the employer to satisfy? Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on motivation in the work place.

Employee motivation is a difficult thing to master and everyone is motivated by different things, not all employees respond to the same motivations. Each person has his or her own likes and dislikes, passions, interests and desires. Fully understanding how motivation impacts employee performance, and having an understanding on how to use motivation to improve performance means you are already half way there. Of course not all employees can be motivated, this is down to the individual and whether they want to be motivated. 

Recognition is a good motivational tool, whether it is a simple pat on the back, time off work or financial recognition, everyone likes to know that they are doing their job well. Lot’s of organizations don’t recognize when their employees are doing something well and take people for granted. This can lead to good employees becoming demoralized and less dedicated to the cause. Organizations looking to improve employee motivation need a system in place that consistently rewards employee achievements.

Employees who are motivated and get recognition for their efforts tend to be the most dedicated employees. Why wouldn't you be dedicated if you are being motivated and recognized for your work? The only reason I can think of is that you are in the wrong job.

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