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Moving to London for work: should I become a ‘London lawyer?’

The London market’s always garnered interest from candidates – it’s a vibrant and diverse city with a large range of legal opportunities. I love London – I’m lucky enough to have a relatively easy commute into the city and I get to walk past some of London’s most iconic landmarks every day on my way to work. But moving to London as a lawyer, what can you expect?

There’s a common perception that the streets are paved with gold; whilst it’s fair to say that London-based roles tend to pay more than those in the regions, obviously, this is down to the cost of living, which is much higher.

When I speak to candidates about a potential move, it’s rare that the salary increase is going to make a marked difference to one’s pocket (if they plan on living in London), so clearly there are other factors that drive a move.

However, what you will find is a legal market that, arguably, has far more nuances than regional markets. London law firms range from the high street, boutiques, regional firms (with strong London offices), West End, National, International and US Firms.

Making the move?

At BCL Legal we work with the full range of firms listed above. During your first discussions with us, we’ll give you a clear insight into the range of opportunities available and what to expect from each: in terms of working arrangements, hours, targets, a range of work, levels of autonomy as well as salary ranges.

Our London-based BCL Legal recruitment team is growing so we’ll be covering an increased range of practice areas over the next few months. If you’re a qualified solicitor and you’re considering a move to London, please do give us a call. The insight we offer might prove invaluable in deciding if this is going to be the right option for you!

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