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MTSG Summer Ball – Thurs 12th July 2012

MTSG Summer Ball – Thurs 12th July 2012

As most trainees will tell you, the past few weeks (and indeed the weeks to come) have been a particularly stressful time.

Internal vacancies have been listed, interviews conducted and decisions made regarding those being retained in their existing firms in September 2012.

For some they have the immediate comfort of knowing that they have secured a role and for other the uncertainty continues.

The NQ market remains difficult but there remains plenty of time. As the internal assessments conclude so to do does that open up the market to external candidates and we hope to be busier throughout July and August.

Now is therefore not the time to panic but to remain focussed on securing the right role and we continue to be on-hand to walk you through the process.

Despite the inclement weather it remains a great time to take stock and relax a little. As such the upcoming TSG Ball is a fantastic opportunity to let your hair down.

Hopefully most of you will already have tickets and be feverishly hitting the shops to find the perfect dress (save in the instance of the gents who will be dusting of the tux) and making sure that your work diary for the Friday looks as clear as it can.

The Summer Ball (rain or no rain) has been fantastically well organised and stands to be a great event and a positive celebration. With Radio 1’s Scott Mills on hand and a host of other quality acts the 2012 Summer Ball will be talked about for years to come.

We are particularly proud to be the main sponsor this year and will be attending in force and look forward to seeing you next week.

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