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Much Ado About a Brexit?

“A group of 300 senior City lawyers have come together to declare their support of Britain’s membership of the EU. A&O is part of this group, named ‘Lawyers – In for Britain’, which is acutely aware of the significant impact it could have on the legal industry as well as the business of their clients.”

There is a genuine fear that Brexit would cut trading activity and make doing business with the EU very expensive and time consuming.

It is also a valid consideration for parties with a contract with terms that are due to end after a potential Brexit that it may affect the operation of its terms. Similarly a further consequence could be that the contract may be enforceable but the terms under which it was originally made are no longer profitable.

Brexit could affect our employment laws, particularly in relation to corporate immigration which affects multiple sectors, particularly the Premier League!!

It is understandable that some are dismissive of the effect as it could take at least two years for the full impact to be known. The majority of law firms are obviously taking an impartial view, and firmly voicing that they will adapt and deal with whatever the outcome, but off the record I think the feeling is of support for remaining in the EU.

Now think about this is the context of your own practice area; will you be busier after Brexit? Or will you be caught up in a sea of uncertainty? What is your firm’s attitude to coping with the potential changes? It can be at times like this when you consider attitudes of your colleagues and firm and find you are singing from a very different hymn sheet. It might be a great time for you to re-evaluate your career attitudes and seek out some kindred spirits. For a confidential chat on law firm cultures in Manchester, please call Sharan Kokri at BCL Legal.

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