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Katherine Scarff
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How much information should I give my recruiter?

Looking for a new job is time consuming, anyone knows that, but there are ways of making the process so much smoother and saving yourself so much time. You might think how annoying I have to speak to a recruiter during the day when you are busy at work and let them know about where you are up to and why you are looking I mean the list goes on, but we do understand and can speak outside of hours. Lets be honest, people have jobs and when would I be able to speak, evenings and weekends? At BCL we make a conscious effort to work around you, we understand that we need to be flexible and therefore we can talk at a convenient time for you.

You might also think well how much information do I need to tell my recruiter, I mean is it ok to say that I’m ambitious and looking for a certain salary or that I would like to start later due to the school run. Again this is ok and the more information we have, the more we have to work with and therefore rather than wasting your time speaking to you about irrelevant roles, we can find out exactly what it is that you are looking for. Honestly this information is like gold dust to us and we make it our aim to make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. Tell us what you want and don’t be afraid to let us know if you have been called in for an interview elsewhere or don’t think a firm is right for you, remember we are on your side and want to help. For a confidential chat regarding your career and how we can help, please get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904.

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