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Clara Rogers
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My BCL journey to date - from Support Team to Recruitment Senior Associate...

My journey at BCL was mentioned at our latest end of quarter meeting so I thought it would be a good time to reflect…

I joined BCL Legal in 2014, with little to no knowledge of the legal sector or recruitment. I joined as a Finance Assistant / Credit Controller… Fast forward seven years (…and three other job roles at BCL!) and I’m soon to be presenting for my next promotion to Associate Director, two and a half years after making the move into a recruitment fee earning role.

Starting out with BCL from the off was a great experience. I joined a team that was supportive and really focused on getting the best out of people. I spent the first two years or so working in the finance team at BCL where my main focus was on the credit control. This was an area of finance that I found the most enjoyable and rewarding, I would see the list get shorter and shorter week after week and soon reached a point where I was asking for more to do. The opportunity came up to assist our residential conveyancing team with the candidate sourcing , allowing me to set up further, and from there I became a Team Assistant dealing with all aspects of recruitment admin, from registering candidates to the system, adding CVs to recruitment portals and arranging interviews.

Next I moved across to our North West private practice team. I found my feet in this role fairly quickly. I enjoyed the pace and the interaction with candidates and clients. This is where my interest in making the move into recruitment really started.

I’d dealt with all stages of the recruitment process at this point (albeit from a slightly different perspective) collecting the fee, arranging the interviews, registering new clients/candidates. I felt that the natural next step for me would be to move into a fee earning role, something that was supported by BCL from the off. Was it an easy decision? Absolutely not! Confidence is something that I’ve always struggled with & something I’m sure that I will continue to work on throughout my career. But with the help of BCL team, a couple of vigorous internal interviews later I’d done it! …I’d made the move.

Over 100 placements later here we are. It’s been challenging work, but also very rewarding, not just financially but the sense of achievement you get from helping your candidates & clients make a strong career move/bring in a new lawyer into their team.

If you’re thinking of making a move into recruitment and looking for a business that will fully support you with the move (and continue to support you throughout your recruitment career) BCL is certainly an employer who ticks these boxes.

Get in touch with our Talent Manager Jo Leaver; to discuss opportunities.

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