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Sarah Bailey
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My experience as a lawyer, retraining as a new Consultant with BCL Legal

When I was considering a career move into legal recruitment, BCL Legal provided me with all the information that I needed from the outset in order for me to make an informed decision about my next steps.


Sarah's story:

After graduating from University, I’d spent four years as a Paralegal and I was beginning to wonder whether a career as a Solicitor was what I actually wanted for my future.

When I approached BCL Legal about a potential retrain opportunity, I initially had an informal chat with Jo Leaver over the phone. We discussed why legal recruitment may be a good option for me as well as why working within the recruitment sector can be challenging. Like all jobs, legal recruitment has its pros and cons, but what I respected about BCL Legal as a potential employer was that they gave me all of the information that I needed from the start so that I could then decide for myself whether I wanted to pursue a career in legal recruitment.

I had used BCL Legal as a candidate previously and so I knew that I trusted them as an agency. My experience had always been that the consultants really listened to my needs and found roles that suited me. This isn’t something that can be said for all other agencies that I’d spoken with in the past.

Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in legal recruitment and I progressed to the formal interview stages. I met with various members of the team and was invited into the office to meet my manager in person.

At every stage of the interview process there was an honest conversation surrounding what would be expected of me as a consultant at BCL Legal as well as how BCL Legal will support me in my career. I honestly felt like a member of the team before I even stepped foot in the office on my first day.

I’m now in my second month of working at BCL Legal and I can truly say that my induction and training process has been great. As over 60% of BCL Legal’s staff come from a legal background, the training that is given in order to make you into a successful consultant is very tailored and specific. I’ve been given (and continue to be given) the correct tools needed in order to do the best job that I can do for our clients and candidates. Aside from the actual job, the team at BCL legal couldn’t have been anymore friendly or supportive and I’m proud to now be part of such a lovely and encouraging team.

Lawyers - if you’re thinking about a change of career and are considering legal recruitment as an option, you have nothing to lose by researching your options.

I haven’t for one minute regretted my decision and I’m hoping this is just the start of a long and successful career with BCL Legal.

Email: - Jo Leaver - Talent Manager to find out more

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