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Your first day at a new job

Being the new kid at school can be scary: mixed thoughts and emotions of excitement and worry: 'will I like it?', 'will I get along with my peers?' and 'will they like me?'

As an adult, school becomes workplace, and a new job or even a job interview, can be just as scary. The emotion doesn't dissipate as we get older.

When I started at BCL Legal a little over two months ago, I was entering a new role and a new sector. Don't get me wrong, I’m accustomed to change; life throws us curve balls doesn’t it? But we're creatures of habit after all. The fortunate thing for me is that the place I joined care about me and the people (clients and candidates) they work with. At BCL Legal, I was provided the right guidance and support at the right time, and now that’s what I'm here to do for you.

Whilst I left the law for something different, I still enjoy having a connection to it. Most of my peers are former lawyers, which is handy if you’re looking for help in a new legal role.

Why? Because we understand the mind-set. We understand that the legal profession is something to be respected and regarded. As a result, we're not those wide-boy sell-your-granny type recruiters. We’re here to help and make your first day of 'school' a great one.

How? By making sure you come first and having an open and honest conversation. There's no sales' talk here (I have a real dislike for phrases like 'reaching out' and 'touching base') - your needs are kept in mind to make sure you know exactly what to expect on that first day.

For more information please contact Vin Murria at BCL Legal.

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