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My First Month at BCL Legal

This is my first blog whilst working for BCL Legal so I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and what my role is here. I previously worked for a large national recruitment agency dealing with all legal recruitment across the south east of England, ranging from Paralegals to Partners, Contract Managers to Senior Legal Counsels within both In House and Private Practice. This also included all specialisms, so as you can imagine my work was extremely varied. Having worked there for two and a half years I decided I needed more structure and focus covering smaller remits in order to become a Legal specialist and really get to know the legal market. I also quite liked the idea of working for a smaller yet specialist recruitment agency - and that is exactly what BCL offered me!

I am based in the London office where I recruit for Paralegals in the London and greater London areas. This includes both temporary and permanent recruitment as well as fixed term contracts all within Private Practice. I focus on the non - contentious disciplines such as Real Estate, Finance, Corporate, Commercial, Construction and Conveyancing just to name a few.

Now that I have a specific focus it makes my job a lot easier - I am able to learn from candidates, clients and my colleagues about the Paralegal market and different areas within it to ensure that I provide the best possible service to all. I am also learning about the different types of private practices that I had not previously worked with, which of course is very interesting.

I have really enjoyed my time here at BCL so far, and what I have learnt in just four weeks is amazing!

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