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Katherine Scarff
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Near Year new you?

With the festive period well and truly over and lots of people finishing their dry January hoping to improve their health and fitness it seems that this isn’t the only thing that people want to change. Why do we feel that in the New Year this year will be different? So many of us make New Year resolutions which we sometimes keep but often don’t.

In the job market January has been really busy, in fact the influx of candidates after the holidays has been great, it has certainly kept me busy in my job. I have helped more candidates this month than ever before helping them to secure new and exciting opportunities across the region. I have had really positive feedback from all of my candidates and even had someone tell me that I have really changed their life as they will now have a better work/life balance where they can spend more time with their family.

This busy period has really highlighted just how many people wait for January and start to think about their career in the New Year rather than looking in December. The good thing for candidates is that in the conveyancing market there will always be a demand as there is an ever greater demand for houses. What I would say is do you want to beat the competition? Do you want to secure the best job out there? If so then don’t wait, as you might just find that you will secure something fantastic before everyone else does.

It’s not to say that waiting is a bad thing, but you will certainly have more competition as there are more people looking. If you would like some advice or help of how to find and secure a new role within property then get in touch with Katherine Scarff  at BCL Legal on 0113 323 4904.

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