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Networking Tips

Whether it’s 7:30 in the morning at a breakfast seminar or 7:30 in the evening at a business development, there are always networking events happening everyday. Personally, I quite enjoy networking events, I think it’s a great chance to meet new people, grow your network, find out about other industries and occasionally enjoy a free bacon sandwich or a drink or two. However, networking isn’t for everyone and I understand why. Being thrust into a room of people you’ve probably never met before can be quite daunting; however there are a few useful tips that can make this experience less painful and more productive for you –

1. Start the conversation – whether it’s a group or a couple engaging in a conversation, go over to them, wait patiently for a gap in the conversation or if somebody notices you and then introduce yourself. Everybody attends these events for the same reason and that’s to meet new people, going over and introducing yourself is the best way of doing just that and people will be more than understanding, who knows they may be a future client. 2. Be interested – In order to make a good impression, you have to listen to what people have to say and ask a few questions. Find out as much as possible as you can (even if it isn’t the most interesting topic of conversation) and the interest be reciprocated when you are speaking. 3. Make the most of an event – As much as you may have enjoyed a conversation or topic, make the most of your time and mingle with as many people as possible. Speaking to as many people as possible and your next networking event you may know a familiar face or two. 4. Swap business card and follow up – The whole point of a networking event is to develop your network and your attendance would be pointless if you didn’t follow up with your new connections. Drop them a line and you may be surprised where you could help each other out.

Try these tips out at your next event and hopefully you wold have had a much more productive and enjoyable experience.

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