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New Year, New Job?

I know, I know. It seems just a tad too early to be thinking about 2016. As I write this I am shaking my head at the number of department stores and shops that have started to introduce their Christmas wares – even the mention of Christmas before my birthday this month just feels plain wrong.

That being said, maybe you have told yourself that in 2016 you will get a new job. Perhaps it will be to a firm that will offer you better career progression or the opportunity to work on higher profile shipping law matters. Maybe you want to move to the in-house (shipping company, P&I Club, regulatory body) environment, to a role that will utilise your legal prowess but in a manner that will allow you to use your commercial flair. It might even be that you want to get out of the rat-race and move to a firm or organisation that can offer flexible working opportunities or a true work/life balance.

If 2016 is going to be your year then it’s probably time to start laying the groundwork now. Your CV may need to be updated to reflect recent shipping matters that you have dealt with, we will want to speak with you about your past experience and what you are looking for in your next move. If you’re uncertain about exactly which route you are looking for, you may need some time to consider the options available and to do some research. The interview process may take some time due to travel commitments, half term holidays and the dreaded winter flu! Then finally, there is the offer stage – a time where you may be in a position of having multiple offers. You may decide that you want to meet with the team again before you make your final decision. And then, you have to inform your current employer that you will be leaving them – and in many cases it is likely that you will be held to notice period that ranges from one to three months.

Clearly, the process of finding a new job can be both time consuming and lengthy. If you’re thinking to yourself that 2016 will be the year of the new job then contact BCL Legal today. The path to finding a new role may take some time – but we can guide you through the process – from assisting you with your CV to discussing the opportunities that you may wish to consider.

So, if you woke up this morning and thought….”new year, new job” then maybe it’s time to start taking action now. For more information please contact BCL Legal or email us at on the shipping roles that we are currently working on.

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