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New Year – New Job?

Well, it’s that time of year again! Another year has passed and hopefully you have had a hard-earned and welcomed break over the festive period.

The break over the New Year is almost inextricably linked with the tradition of reflecting on the past year and resolving to do some (or all) things differently – since work is so fundamental to people’s lives it is no wonder that it proves to be a period from which people return with renewed vigour to find the perfect role for them. One could look upon such behaviour as akin to the surge of new gym joiners who will go dry for January, hit the gym for a couple of weeks and then fade out but that would be overly cynical. Even those that join the gym do so with exactly the right intention they just fail on the execution. It remains ever important to focus on the reasons as to why reflection has compelled you to look for that new role as well as staying the course.

As with all things in life, nothing good comes easy (occasionally a bit of good fortune never goes amiss though) and finding that perfect role requires an investment of time, energy and detailed thought as to what you want to achieve. What is making you look and what do what to get from your next move? What are the most important aspects and which are less important and open to compromise? These are all questions we will ask of you as it has a direct bearing on how we assess and look for opportunities. Our aim is always to tailor our service to you. One size does not fit all.

Dissatisfaction in your current role ultimately has some underlying cause (or combination of causes) which can range from personality to location but will always be specific to you. Some small points will be exacerbated by the bigger ones and to remove the bigger issues, the small points seem less of an issue. Often it is about assessing where you get the most enjoyment and what makes you happy going into work. If we can get that right then you also achieve a value that rarely translates into financials.

2013 has proved to be a busy year for BCL and the indicators remain good that 2014 should experience continued activity across transactional areas such as Real Estate, Corporate and Banking. Over the past few years there has often been some trepidation in looking for another role for fear that the market isn’t ready. It is fair to say that the market is much improved and the appetite is out there. Whether in Manchester or nationally the conservative recruitment practices of the last few years has given rise to a real shortage of candidates. When demand outstrips supply, it is a great time to be looking.

We all hope that 2014 proves to be a bumper year for all and we look forward to working with you to find that dream job.

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