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New year, new opportunities for personal injury solicitors to cross over into the realm of clinical negligence

At BCL Legal we have witnessed a recent surge in clinical negligence departments expanding in both claimant and defendant domains. As the population increases the strain on our economic and social infrastructure also increases which is often pushed to its limits.

Sadly, recent statistics will show how the medical profession is over stretched and over worked. The harsh reality of this is that medical professionals have erred in their judgment resulting in an action of medical negligence against them. This will undoubtedly be a harrowing and stressful time for the one faced with this situation as his/her career depends on how they are defended by their legal team.

Rather tragically on the other side of the fence is the person that has suffered a traumatic ordeal as a result of clinical negligence which has rendered them with a physical or mental injury now fighting for compensation for an injury caused by those placed in a position of trust.

At times like this it is vital for those bringing an action or defending an action of clinical negligence to be represented by the best. We have historically at BCL Legal have been requested by defendant clinical negligence and claimant clinical negligence firm’s to assist with their recruitment to provide the best clinical negligence solicitors in the UK.

In more recent times we have seen firms have expand their clinical negligence teams with the help of solicitors who have a background in catastrophic personal injury who have the appetite to cross over to handling clinical negligence. We have found that there has been a nationwide interest particularly in Bristol, Winchester, Cambridge, Birmingham and Nottingham of firms across the board actively recruiting in their clinical negligence teams for someone who brings an additional dimension with their high value personal injury background.

If you are a personal injury solicitor and have experience of high value and complex catastrophic injury and are looking for the opportunity to cross over into clinical negligence please do not hesitate to contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475 for further information.

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