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New Year, New You!

New Year, New Me! The epitome of universal cheese! I am sure many of you are probably thinking...Nooo! New Year, New Me can’t be creeping in already, it’s not even December… and normally I would agree!

I strongly believe that there are two camps of people in this world … “the new year, new me” camp who attend the gym for 2 weeks and are then stuck with a year long membership, who make countless new years resolutions which are completely forgotten about by valentines and who plead sobriety for dry January but by the 12th can’t resist a glass of wine. Or the camp that is committed to healthy and clean living everyday and who don’t base their decisions around new years. I am firmly in the first camp (but without the hash tagging)!

That all being said, the concept of “New Year, New Me” surprisingly, is not just applied to healthy living and New Year’s resolutions.

In recruitment, it’s always surprising how frequently we hear people say “I am just going to wait and start looking for a new job in the New Year”. In theory, this does make complete sense. You can start your job search after Christmas, when you have had a couple of days off, more time to interview and less pressure at work. However what we all forget is that with our notice period (usually 1 – 3 months), interviewing time and everything else that goes into finding a new job, it’s not as simple as applying for a new job, interviewing and moving the first week of January. In fact, if you want a new job in the New Year, you really need to start looking in October / November; otherwise you wont be joining your new Firm until Spring!

Moreover, in residential conveyancing, we have always found the market to be busiest in Q3. Historically, firms don’t tend to recruit as much in January / February and as such the roles we are advertising now and that look perfect for you – may not me available when you want them to be.

November / December can be a busy time with parties and Christmas shopping but making time for interviews and exploring options can really kick start 2017 for you. Lets face it, what’s more motivating than having a new job to start in January?!

If you want to explore your options, we are currently recruiting a number of interesting opportunities with clients keen to get people started in January.

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