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Katherine Scarff
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North-South Divide

It’s been a busy month in the world of recruitment, the market is moving lots people open to new opportunities, it’s definitely new year new me. I have also spoken with a lot of people who are based in the South and for one reason or another, are looking to relocate up North. The question is if you are thinking the same, are you really ready for it? Have you got accommodation sorted? Have you thought about the actual cost of moving? Do you have family or friends close by? These are all questions that are often asked at interview and I would ask as relocating is a huge commitment for anyone. I mean it’s not cheap with the cost of removals, up front rent and of course the cost of buying a new property, it is a serious decision and from a firm’s perspective ,they might think well why risk a re-locator when I can just find someone local. The thing is if you are serious and want to make the move, then we can help and covering the Yorkshire market there are some perks to making the move.

According to statistics the average house price in Yorkshire is £113,000, less than half the £396,000 London average, so buying a house up North can be really attractive as you get more for your money. I am finding that people with families are also moving up North as they have enjoyed the city life but want to settle somewhere a bit more rural or be closer to loved ones, the list goes on.

At BCL Legal we can help with any legal move whether it’s due to relocation or just that you feel you need a new challenge, so if you are thinking about making the move to Yorkshire and working within this sector, then get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904. 

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