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Notice Period Pitfalls

Following on from my last blog which focused on resignations and the counter offer epidemic, it’s time to shift the focus onto notice periods and how to avoid the pitfalls.

From the job seeker’s perspective, a lengthy notice period can really zap the energy, excitement and the enthusiasm you feel for your new job and potentially eat away at that all important relationship you built during the interview process. Your current employer is also given the perfect opportunity to try and ‘win’ you back and as time goes on, your new job might seem less shiny and perfect. It’s very easy to be flattered by post resignation compliments, suggestions of promotion or an increase in salary. Long term, counter offers never work with statistics showing an overwhelming percentage of people who accept a counter offer move on anyway within 6-12 months.

Once you’ve resigned just be aware there will be a definite change in attitude towards you. You’ll no longer be within the inner circle and certain relationships may become frosty but try not to take it personally! I appreciate that this is easier said than done especially if you are of a more sensitive disposition but don’t let it upset you. Always try to negotiate your notice period especially if it’s anything over a month. A graceful and expeditious exit is always recommended. Always leave on the best terms possible and continue to work hard.

From the new employer’s perspective, I really can’t stress how important it is to remain in contact with your new team member. Get them involved in any extra-curricula activities so they quickly feel part of the team. If you can get them feeling like a valued member of the team before they even start, you’ll ensure a faster and more efficient transition once they actually do start.

By instructing an experienced recruitment consultant, the pains of lengthy notice periods, counter offers etc can be managed effectively. Not only can we can talk you through how to deal with the repercussions of resigning so you are prepared and able to cope with any animosity, but we can lend a sympathetic ear and support you during what can be a stressful experience. Knowing what to expect is half the battle. Never lose sight of how great your new role is going to be and remember that every day served of your notice period, gets you a day closer to your amazing new job!

For a confidential and in-depth discussion on your job search, please contact Joanne Lack at BCL Legal. Whilst Joanne specialises in residential property across the Midlands and East Anglia, BCL Legal’s team of consultants cover all legal disciplines nationwide.

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