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NQ preparation 2018

With lots of impending changes particularly within the PI and Insurance market it’s really important you prepare well for any interviews you have. There are still lots of great roles with in the PI market for NQ solicitors; however competition is fierce, particularly in the top tier firms so it’s really important to get it right! Take time preparing your CV and get your technical achievements noted to give you discussion points at interview. Preparation is key. We regularly hear from clients about candidates who fail to do even basic preparation prior to attending and hence this never ends well.

Some Basics to Bear in Mind:

• Research the firm – websites are often a great starting point, but try linked in and speaking to people where possible to find out about clients, deals etc., have a look at any articles which may list interesting points you could talk about at interview. • Find out about the people interviewing you –websites carry partner profiles, so make sure you know their names, their positions at the firm and, where relevant, the type of work they are involved in. Also cases they have been involved in. • Familiarise yourself with the job spec – what are they looking for, can you provide examples of your work which fits with the job spec? • Confirm the format of the interview –don’t fall foul of not asking if there are technical questions or tests, this happens all too often. • Know your CV inside out be ready to expand on any technical points you have listed and give detail. • More obvious points but regularly overlooked include knowing exactly which office you should turn up to, along with parking and getting your timing right.

Good Luck.

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