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Job-hunting? If you know what you want, is it OK to ask for it?

It might seem an unreasonable thing to some of us Brits who’d rather not offend, but, rather than getting 15 pairs of socks this year, I’ve decided to think about what I actually need (and like) and tell my loved ones what to get me! I’m not greedy and my requests aren’t frivolous or expensive. What I actually want is a good night’s sleep, but my six-month-old son has other ideas!

Anyway, it got me thinking… is this a bit cheeky? Should I be happy with what’s given to me? I then realised it’s not too dissimilar from my work. When I was a lawyer, I had a certain perception of recruitment agencies, which completely changed when I spoke to BCL. In my dealings, they weren’t just interested in filling legal job roles - they wanted to know what I wanted and why. It helped me and them, and eventually led to me joining BCL instead!

So, wouldn’t it be nice - and pragmatic - for my loved ones to know exactly what I want?! I don’t want my friends and family to waste their time, money and effort sourcing the wrong things; this isn’t dissimilar to my work and how I feel about lawyer candidates and law firm clients. At BCL Legal, we aren’t a CV-sending factory! Far from it. We genuinely seek to understand our lawyer candidates and clients, and we're consultative. We look to find the right solution for all parties. No one’s left unhappy at the end of it. 

On this note, here are some tips for lawyer candidates:

  • Be honest with yourself. Around your expectations and how realistic they are. Our first priority is to help and guide you so you make the right choices for your next career move.

  • Tell the truth. As your legal recruiter we’re your advocates, so it’s essential we have all the correct information at hand before we submit your application - so we get it right (where you are now, where else you’re interviewing, what your first, second and third choices are).

  • Keep an open mind. You might have preconceptions about certain firms, certain titles and certain elements of the work. It’s important that together, we’re able to help you make an informed decision. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep an open mind when we’re making applications. You don’t want to pass up an ideal opportunity due to preconceptions (often based on little understanding).

So, my advice is that it’s okay to have a wish list, just as it’s okay to know what you’d move jobs for. You don’t need to want everything, nor is it cheeky to have a clear desire for something different.

If you’d like to discuss your situation confidentially then get in touch; we might bring some Christmas cheers!

Merry Christmas all!  

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