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On a mission...

So at anyone time, I have normally tasked myself with several ‘missions’, always a heady mix of professional and personal. Some are realistic, some not so realistic. I am also a list maker. I love my lists! So you can imagine, in the run up to Christmas, the number of lists and missions I have set myself tends to quadruple and my stress levels reach glorious new heights! My list however is the tool by which I accomplish my mission. Without my trusty list, my mission would most certainly be doomed!

Right now though, I feel pretty smug sitting here at my desk as I write this blog, as I successfully completed a mission that at one stage looked set for failure, the search for the almost extinct Hatchimal! Those of you with young children will appreciate what a massive task this was, clearly one of the utmost importance. I’m sure you will also understand the pure unadulterated joy I felt when I got my hands on one of the little unhatched creatures having received a tip off via text from a friend mid-way during the matinee panto performance of Sleeping Beauty!

Even before the curtain call, I was frantically mouthing instructions to my husband about how we could orchestrate ‘Operation Hatchimal’ which had been forming nicely whilst the princess was sleeping for a 100 years. My husband needed no persuasion. He was fully on board and before you could shout ‘he’s behind you’ we were enroute to Hatchimal land.

The Holy Grail was in sight however upon coming face to face with all different breeds of Hatchimal I realised I had a big problem…I had absolutely no idea which one my darling daughter had asked Santa for! My hard earned ‘Mom of the Year’ award was seriously hanging in the balance as I could go from hero to zero in seconds if I chose wrong… we’ll find out soon enough I suppose! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

This got me to thinking about people and their job searches…..There is a similarity I assure you! Job seekers often start their search for a new role without really knowing what they want. Having spent over 15 years in legal recruitment, I would always advise you to spend time thinking about what you really want out of the next job. Make a list, prioritise what’s on it and then go after it! It provides focus for you and your recruiter and makes the mission to secure your ideal role much more likely!

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