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One of the biggest barriers to finding a new job for some people is…


I work across all levels of the market and with lawyers who work in a variety of environments.  Some of these environments are more flexible than others and never is this more evident than when it comes to arranging interviews.

Having discussed your motivations, then discussed a specific opportunity which fits the bill, and then having spoken with the client, one of our biggest challenges is getting you together with the business so you can secure the job!

I recently changed job myself and I understand the difficulties this can present.  I certainly don’t advocate ‘swinging the lead’ in pursuit of a new opportunity.  But… and this is the reality… you cannot secure a new role without going to meet with other businesses, sometimes more than once. Most of my clients will try to be as flexible as possible but it is really important that you give some thought, prior to starting your job search, as to how you will attend interviews.   We will always give you all the information you need for an interview and help you prepare to the best of our ability.  We need to be able to arrange these meetings as efficiently as possible, as otherwise it can become a negative point in the process and be seen as a lack of commitment.  The irony is that often the individuals who are least happy in their roles are those who also find it the most difficult to change their situation.

So think about your situation, do you have holidays left, can you work flexibly and can you attend interviews before or after work?  It may not be easy but if you want a great new role it certainly is unavoidable.

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