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The Rise of the Operations Manager within Defendant Insurance Departments

In the latter half of 2012 I was instructed on five different operation manager roles within defendant insurance departments across the Midlands and the South. These departments have ranged from those specialising in insurance fraud to property damage and professional indemnity. Why have we seen this increase and what do these roles entail?

As a consultant who purely focuses on defendant insurance litigation recruitment I spend my entire day speaking to clients and candidates alike about the changes and developments of the insurance litigation market. When instructed upon a new requirement my clients go to great lengths to explain the challenges they are facing from their own clients to increase output and reduce costs. Any firm with an eye on quality has a tough task on their hands. How you do get more from your staff without compromising service levels?

One answer is the introduction of an operations manager. Some firms have been looking for a fee earner with operational responsibility for a large team looking for a new challenge, others have decided to explore the finance route looking for a business manager with an accountancy background. Whatever the mandate operations managers are to be accountable for a range budgetary, forecasting and audit responsibilities. This wide remit also includes resource management, strategy, benchmarking, training, development and performance management.

Operations managers provide strategic value in the form of management information reporting. The role often involves the production and development of key performance indicators and identification of potential efficiency in processes enabling operations improvements and cost savings to be made.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the operations manager remit is the element of change management that comes with such a role. Applicants need to be seasoned insurance experts (with thick skins) who understand the service level agreements in place and the increasing commoditisation of the insurance market.

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