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Out with the old and in with the new

Moving from a large corporate organisation to BCL Legal in April 2013 felt a little like stepping back in time, where spreadsheets and filing cabinets were heavily relied on to hold data. Any client or candidate documents were all filed centrally in our head office, which meant if anyone in one of our other offices needing a copy of a document they relied on someone in Manchester to locate the document, scan it and send it over to them. This was a bigger task than necessary especially if filed incorrectly!

After settling into my new role and surroundings I started my up hill climb to moving BCL Legal towards a more paperless environment. Putting new incoming documents directly onto our system allowed all offices to access the data without relying on others to find time to find the document for them. By putting these on the system we have seen many benefits to BCL Legal such as, the saving of time, office space and money, it has become much more convenient for everyone to locate documents and not to mention it being more eco-friendly. Our ongoing task is migrating old documents to the system, this takes time, but will be worth it in the end.

My next challenge saw finance moving away from spreadsheets and extracting data directly from our system. Liaising weekly with our system provider regarding all business requirements for each report, and then having to wait patiently for each report to be generated was a long process, but it was worth waiting for! We've now removed the potential of human error from our reporting, it’s quick, easy and assessable to all, plus you no longer need to be a spreadsheet wiz to run it. BCL Legal have embraced these changes, and are constantly looking of new ways to improve client and candidate experiences, who knows what we’ll be changing next.

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