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Personal Injury Vacancies – The PI Jobs Market Lives On Despite Jackson

Personal Injury Vacancies – The PI Jobs Market Lives On Despite Jackson

I read an interesting blog on today that talks about how there is a growing feeling in the PI sector that the recent changes will ultimately succeed in driving quality.

It got me thinking about the current flow of personal jobs in the Midlands and I quickly surmised that we are actually faced with the highest number of defendant personal injury solicitor vacancies in a long time. Claimant personal injury solicitor vacancies on the other hand are pretty much non-existent across the Midlands.

The influx of defendant personal injury roles have a common element, 99% of them are to work on large loss / catastrophic injury claims. These roles require candidates to have experience of multi-track claims not necessarily £250k+ but certainly lower end multi-track in the region of £100k+. Ideally the defendant firms would like defendant experience but commonly these firms will recruit claimant PI solicitors so long as candidates have experience of handling higher value claims and not just high volume, low value RTA.

As a legal recruiter who has specialised in defendant personal injury recruitment for some time now, it has become clear that since the changes we are now working on less low value RTA roles and more so on large loss roles which are perceived as being better quality vacancies and where most personal injury solicitors aspire to get to in their career.

If we go back 6 months there was a lot of talk about the death of the PI recruitment market on the back of Jackson. The landscape has definitely changed but it certainly hasn’t died a death. In fact the quality of vacancies has improved.

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